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When they arrived at the Carr's, the driveway and street already were packed with vehicles. Doris Carr met them at the door and was ushering them inside, when all at once Claire almost lost her footing. Frank had just hit the on button and she felt her legs wobble as the little "V" did a slow hum inside her cunt. Bob Carr came over and gave Claire a kiss on the cheek and led Frank over to the bar. Claire was left by herself for a moment, and was trying to collect her thoughts as her cunt was slowly being stirred into a frenzy! As she looked around the room, no one could have possibly guessed that she was on the edge of a huge orgasm! Just as her cunt was about to let go, the buzzing stopped! "Christ," she thought, "the stupid thing is broken!!!" Then out of the corner of her eye she saw Frank smirking at her! "That man!!!" Claire then wandered over to the bar to get a white wine and on the way was intercepted by Peggy Stone. For the next ten minutes Peggy and Claire talked about the kids, their husbands, and their plans for Christmas vacation. Claire was right in the middle of telling Peggy about their planned trip to Cancun when the buzz in her cunt suddenly reappeared! Stopping in mid sentence, Peggy wondered if Claire was OK. She thought she looked a little wan. Claire mumbled, 'No, I'm fine," and tried to continue her conversation, but now was unable to think about anything but her pussy! Claire finally excused herself and picked up a glass of wine at the bar. Now trying to avoid contact with anyone else, she tried to slip of to the kitchen where she could be alone for a few minutes but before she reached the kitchen door, the intensity of the buzzing in her cunt shot way up!!! Frank had turned up the power all the way! Claire was now delirious with lust and was also having a hard time even walking! She reeled across the floor into the kitchen and to safety--or so she thought! Just then Doris Carr came sweeping into the kitchen to pick up some more canapes. "What's the matter Claire? You look pale as a sheet," asked Doris! "Oh, I'm f-f-fine," squeaked Claire, while trying to listen to Doris' inane conversation with the buzzing hurtling her towards orgasm was almost impossible! Claire stared blankly at Doris as she babbled on, trying to hear what was being said, but only seeing her lips move! Just as Doris was turning to leave, Claire's pussy erupted in a earth shattering orgasm! She fell backward against the refrigerator as her cunt began to spasm uncontrollably! She gave an audible shudder as the intensity swept through her quivering cunt! Seconds later the buzzing stopped and Claire was able to compose herself and return to party.

Walking home from the party hand in hand, Claire leaned up and gave Frank a kiss on the cheek. "What was that for," he asked? "Thanks for a wonderful present," answered Claire. "By the way," she asked, "How long do the batteries last!?! Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt uncomfortable even though this was just a routine sports physical for school. The appointment was for 2:00pm and here it was almost 3:00, making him wait seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! Just then the door flew open and Doctor Jenkins' nurse, Miss Boyd came flying through the door and told Rex the Doctor was on his way. Within two minutes Dr. Jenkins entered the examining room, sat down on a stool, and began going over the forms Rex had brought with him. After going over his past medical history the Doctor got down to the business of the physical part of the exam, and had Rex remove his shirt and pants and instructed him to sit up on the examining table.

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