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For the next several days Amanda did three things: eat, sleep, and have sex with her harem mates. Although she was always highly sexed, Amanda couldn't believe how insatiable she had become. Later she found out that aphrodisiacs were added to the girl's drinks, keeping them all in a constant state of excitement. She also found out that the Sheik liked to watch the girls at play and had many video tapes of their exploits. On the fourth day after her arrival at the compound, two older women came into the harem and took Amanda to a special preparation room. She was told that tonight she would be dining with the Sheik. The two ladies bathed and oiled Amanda and prepared her first visit with her captor.

Nervous as if she were on her first date, Amanda waited at the dining table for Al Feziz to arrive. When he entered the room she was immediately struck with his overpowering presence. As he sat down to eat he told her that he had been looking forward to this their first meeting. Sitting naked in front of this strange man should have been embarrassing for her, but instead Amanda felt the now too familiar craving within her pussy. She wanted him in the worst way and would be happy to do anything he asked of her. After they had dined, during which they had made pleasant small talk, Al Feziz stood up and led Amanda to a large bed over in the corner of the huge dining room. He towered over her as he began removing his clothes. For a man of fifty he was in very good shape with not an ounce of fat on his dark skinned body. As he dropped his pants Amanda gave an audible gasp!!! She had never in her life seen such a magnificent cock!!! Fully erect it was at least ten inches long and as thick as her wrist!!! Although she was aching to suck on this monster prick she silently waited until to Sheik made the first move. He gently pushed her to the floor and guided his manhood towards her waiting mouth. As her tongue caressed the satiny smooth head, she began to feel the first hint of an orgasm cascading through her hot cunt. She inhaled as much of the big dick as she could and felt the Sheik's balls begin to tighten as he gushed a hot stream of cum down her eager throat. Her own orgasm reached it's own peak as the first blast of cum shot into her mouth. Al Feziz sank slowly onto the bed as Amanda gently continued to suck on his still hard pecker. He softly patted her hair and told her how much he loved blondes. As they both regained their strength desire again rose in both of them. Amanda lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide begging to be fucked by that monster that hung between the Sheiks legs. Slowly rubbing his dick head up and down her wet slit, Amanda couldn't wait any longer and reached down to try and pull it inside by herself. Al Feziz laughed and then plunged deep into her waiting pussy. Amanda had a huge orgasm on the first stroke as her cunt had never been assaulted by such a huge organ! Like a piston the big dick rammed in and out of her cunt until the Sheik shuddered in the throes of a titanic climax. All Amanda could do was to hold on for dear life and enjoy being ridden like she had never been ridden before.

In about a half hour the Sheik push a button on the night stand and three more naked girls came out of nowhere and entered the room. Before she knew what had happened, Amanda was caught up in an orgy she could not have believed possible! She thought for a moment about her life back in the States, but only for a moment. This was her home now. This was her new family. Another orgasm overtook her and her thoughts of home melted away forever.

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