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Lou gave Mona's tit a little squeeze when he finished dressing and stood up to leave. Meeting Dave in the hall, the two cops exchanged glances and slipped out the back door to their waiting unmarked car. Dave looked and Lou and said, "Another profitable day on the West Side!" Frank couldn't wait to get home to show Claire the new toy he had picked up while a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. One evening while out one the town, Frank's host had taken him to the famous red light district, where there were hookers of every size, shape, color, and sex that a person could think of! Also in the area were many adult bookstores, and Frank wandered into a large well lit one and was browsing the magazines when he noticed a display case with every kind of vibrator and dildo known to man

He quickly found a new type of vibrator and bought one as a present for his lovely wife Claire. Now as readers of the Claire series already know, Claire has a sex drive that is set a little on the "high" side! Frank was away on business quite a bit of the time, so when he was with his bride he tried to pay her the attention she deserved and needed.

Frank pulled into the driveway at exactly six o'clock and was greeted at the door by the twins as well as Claire. After the excitement of getting home had worn off and things had quieted down, Claire told Frank that if he felt up to it that they were invited to a cocktail party at the Carr's down the street a few houses. Frank didn't really want to go, but it was obvious that Claire did, so he said, "Sure, let's go!" Claire had already arranged for a sitter, so all they had to do was go upstairs and get changed.

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