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She started to ask a analingus question but was quickly silenced by a stern female voice. She would be told of her situation very soon, but for the time being she was to remain silent. With her mind racing she felt the jet begin it's slow descent. As the wheels touched down she could hear muffled voices from the other side of the cabin. Amanda strained to hear what was being said but couldn't make anything out. The plane now safely on the ground, taxied for about two minutes and then came to a halt. When the door was finally opened, she could feel warm air rush into the cabin. "At least it's warm," she thought as a firm hand helped her to her feet. On very wobbly legs Amanda was led to a waiting limousine and was soon moving at what seemed to be about thirty to forty miles per hour for at least twenty minutes. No one in the car said a word, and when Amanda tried to ask a question the same female voice again silenced her. Just then the limo came to a stop and the driver said something to someone outside of the car. This time Amanda could very clearly her what was being said and she knew immediately that the conversation had been in Arabic!! A wave of real fear swept over her with the realization that no one knew where she was and probably had no way of finding her!

The car again moved forward, but only for a few seconds. It stopped, the doors were opened, and Amanda was again being led by a strong hand that prodded her forward. Soon they were inside an air conditioned building and in a swift motion Amanda's blindfold was removed. As she became adjusted to the light she could see that there were three people besides herself in the small white painted room. She was right, the two men obviously had a middle eastern look about them and the woman wore traditional Arab dress. Before Amanda could speak the woman told her that she was the guest of Sheik Al Feziz and he hoped she had had a pleasant trip. " PLEASANT TRIP!?!," Amanda exploded. "Where am I and when can I go home???" "For now that is all you need to know," said the woman. With that being said she motioned for Amanda to follow her out of the small waiting room and down a long hall that had a stunning marble floor. Amanda was just beginning to understand about the power and wealth of Sheik Al Feziz. As she was to soon find out, money and power were not the only things that the sheik had in abundance!

At the end of the hall they entered a large and luxurious room that was like a huge bathroom-bedroom with several large spas, showers, and huge beds, bigger than Amanda had ever seen in her life! She also noticed in each corner attached to the ceiling were video cameras adjusted to cover the entire room. It didn't appear that a person could go anywhere and not be under surveillance, and Amanda shivered wondering if she was being watched right now. The woman told Amanda to disrobe completely and to take a shower. Nervously looking at the cameras, she slowly removed all of her things. Pointing to the showers the woman nodded and told Amanda to wash up. The hot water felt soothing as it cascaded over Amanda's body. Her tits were full and firm and stood out from her chest as if defying gravity. A flat stomach gave way to full womanly hips that followed down to a perfect triangle of blond pubic hair. The final picture was completed with a pair of long slim legs that seemed to go on forever. At 5'9" tall, Amanda was truly a picture of sexual lust.

When Amanda turned off the shower she was surprised to see the woman had gone and that she was alone. As she dried off a door opened and three absolutely stunning naked women came into the room.! They were eyeing her body as they approached her and Amanda all of a sudden became very self conscious with the lustful looks she was drawing. The three introduced themselves as American college girls who were taken from the US just like she had been. For the past six months they had been the sex slaves of the Sheik. There were a total of about twenty girls in his harem, mostly from the US and western Europe. For the first few months he would use a new girl for his own pleasure only, but later on he would also allow his relatives and friends use them as they pleased. Amanda was also stunned to find out that they never ever were allowed to wear clothing of any kind and always had to stay completely nude!!! Most importantly, when you were called to Al Feziz's bed, you went with no questions asked. Because she was new she would be getting a lot of calls for the first few weeks, but before that she had to be initiated into the harem. As all of this was being explained to her, the four of them were moving over to one of the giant beds that dominated the room. Out of the corner of her eye Amanda saw one of the cameras turning directly towards them. She was about to say something when she felt tongues licking all over her ripe young body.

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