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As it turned out one of the best things to see the girls do was when they shaved their legs or they trimmed their bushes! Since most of the girls swam, they all pretty much had to shave some fur so it wouldn't show in a bathing suit. Watching a seventeen year old crouched down with her legs spread wide apart and using a razor to trim back he hair was the most unbelievable sight! Another time Joe caught two lesbians giving each other a bath. They both soaped and scrubbed each other and finally ended up sucking each other's tits! One of the best things to see, however, was when one of these little sluts would wash her pussy! The little blond with the shaved bush and big clit would always first use a wash rag and then a her finger right inside her lips. Once when she was alone she friggered her clit to an orgasm! You could clearly see her clit protruding from her crack, and it was the biggest clit Joe had ever seen in his life! Probably the most exciting thing that happened, was a very unexpected visitor to the girl's shower. One time after everyone had left for the day, Joe was startled to see Miss Jameson, the volleyball coach, stroll in and use the public showers. She was in her mid thirties and had an incredible body! On many occasions Joe had fantasized about how she looked in the raw, and now here she was standing under a stream of hot water rubbing and scrubbing her beautiful body unaware of the prying eyes watching her. This was too much even for Joe, so he pulled his dick out right in the van and blew a load watching the pretty teacher cleaning her cunt!

Most of these girls were from rich households and seemed not to have a care in the world! If only they could knew that they were being recorded during their most intimate moments....... Luanne was going crazy, it had been nearly two days since her last orgasm, and if she didn't get one in a hurry she would lose her mind! Even though she was only a sixteen year old junior in high school, Luanne had been having regular orgasms for over two years, and once you start, it's like potato chips, you can't eat just one!!! She picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed Lennie Webster's number, and said out loud, "Please be home Lennie, please be home!" The receiver was lifted on the other end of the line and as luck would have it Lennie was there to answer it. "Hello, Webster's residence, Lennie speaking." "Hello, Lennie," this is Luanne, what are you doing tonight

"Look, Luanne," he answered, "I've got a lot of home work tonight, and I don't have time to be fooling around with you!!!" "Lennie you gotta help me out, I'm going nuts here," she begged, "remember when I've done it for you, you owe me!!!" He sighed, looked at his watch and replied, "All right Luanne, meet me outside of our garage at six thirty, and don't come over any earlier than that, because we're having a late supper, okay?!?" "Anything you say, Lennie, six thirty, I'll be there!" "Just one more thing," he added, "be ready, 'cuz I'm not spending all night out there, understand???" "Uh, sure Lennie, I'll be ready, you can count on me," she replied, and then hung up the phone.

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