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His head began to ring and his words seemed to slur as they continued to talk. Danny had no clue that his drink had been spiked with a drug designed to make his totally subservient and submissive. As his head was spinning, he felt someone pulling him to his feet and leading him down the stairs to a room lighted by candles. Along the walls he could barely make out chains, stocks, and other devices used in bondage games. He stumbled and fell to the floor but couldn't find the coordination to stand up. He heard voices in the background but couldn't make them out. Again he felt hands pulling him to his feet and struggled in vain to keep them from removing all of his clothing. Quickly his wrists were bound and pulled over his head and attached to the ceiling, while his legs were pulled apart and shackled to the floor with ankle restraints. Now completely immobilized, he was powerless to prevent his captors from doing anything they wanted with him.

In what could have been minutes or hours, the next thing Danny felt were hand rubbing something cool and creamy all over his body. From his neck to the tip of his toes not a a square inch was neglected. Not able to put up a fight he just relaxed as the cool mixture was massaged into his skin, and surprisingly, the feeling was actually quite pleasant, and his dick became quite stiff as the hands roamed over his skin. Just as he was getting used to the feeling of being massaged, he felt a cold blade scraping his legs! He was being shaved! He tried to struggle but a hard slap to the face stunned him back into submission. For the next twenty minutes every square inch of him was shaved smooth as a baby's bottom. After it as over and he had been washed off, a cool baby powder was sprinkled and rubbed from head to toe. A shiver went through him as the powder combined with the cool basement air caused him to get goose bumps all over.

Danny now was now coming out of his stupor. The extent of what was happening was just beginning to set in, and he now focused on the room he was in and saw that it was a makeshift dungeon, complete with all manner of restraints! Now coming into view was Mrs. Ryan dressed in a black leather wasp corset, her huge breasts were naked and hung down with big brown nipples obscenely hard in the cool air. Her outfit was complete with black garter belt, stockings, and five inch spiked heals. Standing over six feet tall, she was an imposing sight indeed! Behind her wearing a leather studded dog collar was a fifty year old man who was also shaved from neck to toe. Mrs. Ryan said something to her slave and he nodded in agreement. He shuffled over to Danny, dropped to his knees and took his prick into his mouth and began to suck. Danny was still in somewhat of a daze but he was alert enough to know what was happening to him! Even though he had never had sex with a man, his pecker became very hard and stiff in the mouth of the naked slave kneeling before him. Deb Ryan grabbed him by the hair and harshly told him that from now on he was her slave and would address her as "Mistress"!!!

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