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Joe had been a janitor at Wickman School For Girls for about three years, ans while the pay wasn't the greatest, but being a young single guy he didn't have many needs. Besides, the scenery at the school was nothing short of spectacular! The little bitches who attended the exclusive private school never even gave him a second glance. As far as they were concerned he didn't even exist! That was O.K. with him, because it gave him the perfect cover for his one and only hobby, trying to see these little sluts with their panties down

Their were really only three places that Joe knew the girls took off their clothes, in their own dorm rooms, in the bathroom, and in the main shower area and locker room. After careful evaluation, Joe soon figured out that the shower was by far the best place to make his attempt. The first reason was that in the shower all the girls would be totally nude. The bathrooms had stalls and the girls wouldn't be totally disrobed, and it would be almost impossible to see much in the dorm rooms, and it would be much too risky for the limited rewards. The shower had several other things going for it, the first being that the large janitor's closet was directly adjacent to the shower and could be used as the nerve center for his spying activities, and also since he was the janitor, he could go into the shower room and make any modifications he needed to carry out his plan.

Joe decided that the best way to see the girls was to use a hidden camera shooting directly into the shower room. The problem was how to disguise it! It would be easy to drill a hole up by the shower room ceiling through to the janitor's closet, the trick would be hiding the hole and the lens of the camera.

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